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Sunday Rambles

I’ve been up since roughly 12:30pm today. That’s way too early for a Sunday.

First off, I went to bed at 5:30am. I realize that I technically got a decent amount of sleep, but when you wake up to a herd of children screeching like banshees in the neighbors yard…

/grumble /growl /hiss

Seriously, if you have kids, please teach them to be respectful of neighbors. Just because you don’t want to listen to them, don’t shove them outside for everyone else to deal with.

If you have kids, then be the adult. Tell them to stop. You are in charge.


Coffee is helping, but I’m going to need food soon. If anything, I got myself to write on here again. I’m hoping I can continue that trend, and keep posting about things. I need to get in the habit of writing every day again.

I know I say that often, but for the sake of what sanity I may have, I need to stick with it this time.

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