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Streaming things

I managed to stream (via TechnDaggers) for a bit over three hours. That’s sadly kind of a feat. I’m trying to get myself to do it more consistently. 10am-2pm is the goal, but I do tend to be on closer to 11am. Mornings are hard.

Still, today was a nice streaming day. I was goofing around in ARK on my TwitchRP character. Didn’t accomplish much aside from building a lumber house. Wynonna officially met someone and it went well. They were friendly. (Even after I accidently mistook their being tamed argent for a dead one and tried to eat it with my ptera… Oops.)

So, the gaming aspect was decent. The streaming aspect was decent too. I had someone new come into the channel and chat. Had two followers pop in as well.

I know those are practically insignificant numbers, but it made me happy. It’s fun to have people to chat with and see their reactions when you do silly stuff in a game.

This is what I need to use Twitch for. I know I’m not going to get lucky and get a stable income from it. Anyone who thinks that going into streaming is in store for some harsh reality. I’m not going to deny that if someone even tipped $5 that I would be excited. That’s still cool.

Overall though, Twitch is a “Well, I’m going to be gaming anyway, so why not?” sort of thing. If it turns into something bigger, then I’ll deal with it. Until then, it feels cool that out of all the streamers out there that some people think I’m entertaining enough to come back to and chat with.

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