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How to Survive: A Zombie Island Getaway

This week I randomly decided to play How to Survive. It is a zombie survival game, and I’m kind of upset that I never played it before.

It’s been a while since I had a game pull me in. Last night I actually wanted to go to bed just so I could wake up and continue my playthrough.

It came out in 2013, and a sequel came out in 2016. (Which I will buy soon…) It’s got some light crafting, and a nice balance of chill vs OMG RUN ZOMBIE MURDER DEER!!! There are three characters to choose from. Kenji, the marksman. Abby, the archer. Lastly, there is Jack, the brute. Kenji’s spec focuses on guns, Abby’s on bows, and Jack seems to have a bunch of explosive related skills.

I’ve now reached 93% completion for Story Mode with Abby, the athletic college student. So far, with my play style, I think I should have started with Kenji. I do like the guns.

One thing I do wish this game had was base building, or at least a stash/storage bin. You collect a lot of shit, and don’t have that many inventory slots to begin with. You can upgrade your inventory, but it takes a while to collect the crafting ingredients to make bags. On that note, it seems to be a bit RNG on the loot. Some things are always around in certain points due to tutorial style things, but overall, you’ll find yourself hunting for one part of a recipe or juggling your inventory to make things. Still not bad though. Just slightly inconvenient.

I think there is base building in the second one, but I’m not sure. If the sequel is as funny and enjoyable as the first one, I’ll be good. Once I finish the story mode of the first game, you’ll most likely see How to Survive 2 show up on stream. Hurray zombie games!

You can check out the shenanigans via the links below.

Day One

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