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I honestly have no idea what to write at the moment. I opened up the post page and my mind was as blank as the page.

But guess what? I’m writing something. I figured that I would create something. A blog entry. It may not be much, but it’s something. The idea of just sitting down and writing something is a habit that I desperately need to get into. I need to write every day.

On that note, I do have another story in mind. It’s actually a western with a bit of a twist. What is the twist? Well, I’m not telling you until I have something written.

I have a lot of projects floating in my head. Again, I have a goal to publish something by the end of the year. Most likely I will be putting some kind of fantasy story up on DriveThru.

I just had to erase something. I started to type “If I can…”. I need to start typing “When I…” instead. I always say if I can manage to get myself to write, and the if takes over. It is full of doubt.

That sucks.

So, when I write some short stories, I will publish them on that site.

I plan a lot of things for myself, and have a bad habit of never following through. I’m trying to push myself do to better. For myself, and my husband.

Though, any extra support is definitely welcome.

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