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Today has been an odd day. I’ve struggled with several things. First off was writing. I hit a bumpy patch in one of my stories. The plot flow hit a snag, and I got super frustrated with it.

So I played ARK. I streamed for about an hour and a half. I really didn’t accomplish a lot. I also tried doing some chainmaille at the same time. I maybe got a row of 4in1 done.

Games seem meh. Lots of things seem meh.

I’m chalking it up to depression. The amazing thing is that I didn’t feel like crying all day. It’s just a slump. Like, a normal bad day.

That feels weird. In an odd way, I feel accomplished in having a normal bad day.

I’ve had 42 days of writing in a row. Today wasn’t great writing, but I still wrote despite the shitty mood. I’m hoping the mood doesn’t continue into tomorrow, but we’ll see.

As of now, I just feel like I am disconnected from the world. It’s like the signal got interrupted today. I guess I’ll shut down the system and hope that a good night’s sleep can reboot the creativity.

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