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Black History Month

It’s Black History Month, and I’ve just decided to make myself a new writing challenge.

I am going to work on fleshing out character backstories and such for any of my characters who happen to be black. I have a wide range of characters hailing from all over the world. Whether they are a major character or minor character in my story, they get fleshed out.

I like diversity. I like having different character backgrounds, and a variety of physical attributes. Skin color is like hair color. It just is. If I picture a character a certain way, then that’s what they will be. In the long run, how they look is just a tiny detail in their story.

It’s what they do that is important.

If only society could see it that way too. People are people. I write them as such.

If I get the courage, I may share some tidbits about my characters. You may get to meet some of these wonderful people in the near future. 🙂

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