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ABC’s Writing Exercise – A for Alchemy

The other day I created a writing exercise for myself. I decided to do the ABC’s. Basically, I will pick a word that starts with A, and then write for ten minutes based on that word.

It worked out really well. I decided to do a D&D theme. Already, these little exercises have turned into little flash fiction stories of their own. By the time I get to Z, I’ll probably have a new story to write.

Here’s the first one.

A – Alchemy

Bran looked at the mess on the table. Vials and flasks were strewn everywhere. He sat down in the middle of the room with a huff. This was going to be a long day.

It was supposed to be a great one. Now, it would be remembered as the day Bran blew up the alchemy lab. A simple mistake. Perhaps one, perhaps many. He wasn’t exactly sure of what happened.

The morning had begun with a spark of brilliance. An idea that forced him to spring from his bed and rush to the lab. He burst through the large double doors, and quickly began to grab ingredients from the shelves.

Toadstool extract, poppy seed oil, and various other vials ended up in his arms. He practically had to juggle them all as he rushed to the table. This was going to be his masterpiece.

He had grinned at the empty lab. He would have no distractions. No one else to fight over equipment, no one to get in his way. Bran cracked his knuckles and began to add select items to a large crystal bowl. The liquids swirled and reflected the morning light shining through the window. Purples, greens, a hint of pink and orange. Bran’s heart beat faster with every addition. His eyes widened as he grabbed the last ingredient. Blue Rose extract.

He swirled it in the vial, and sniffed. He inhaled the soft scent, and let out a happy sigh.

His masterpiece was almost complete.

As he tipped the vial over the bowl, he wondered what the masterpiece was actually going to be.

Wait a minute… Why don’t I know what I’m making, he thought.

The blue extract dripped slowly from the vial. Bran blinked as it fell. Time seemed to slow as the panic set in. The drop hit bowl exactly in the center, sending ripples throughout.

Bran cringed as the small waves reached the edge of the bowl. The force of the ripple caused the crystal bowl to sing. The clear ringing reverberated throughout the lab. Flasks and vials joined in as echoes hit them.

Bran’s ears began to ring. His hands shook, the vial of Blue Rose extract shaking viciously in his hand. He threw it across the room, and dove under the lab desk.

In a crescendo of crystal, the room burst.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been under there. It was still early, as no one else had entered the room. He crawled out from under the desk.

Yes. This was going to be a long day.


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