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ABC’s of D&D – B for Barbarian

B – Barbarian

The winds were biting tonight. They brought the cold of the north. Shivari sniffed and rubbed her nose with the back of her fur gauntlet. She was no stranger to the cold, but tonight could afford no distractions.

She looked out through the snow covered hedge. The clearing before her almost blinded her. Campfires burned brightly, causing dancing lights. It was almost hypnotizing.

It was beautiful in a way. In the dead of night, these fires were alive. They hungered, they flourished, and they lit the way for death.

Shivari gripped her handaxe tightly. The soldiers had no idea what form death would come in tonight. A grin tugged at the corner of her mouth.

The bumbling fools clattered around in their makeshift tents. Their armor shone in the firelight as well. Every move they made sent a loud clank and clink through the forest. Shivari had heard them from miles away. They were easy to track.

The noise. The fires. The demons they pushed forth into her land. Things had been peaceful here once. The soldiers made the forest sound like chaos incarnate.

They were to blame for the death of her kin. They forced their demons out of their home, and pushed them into the wilds. Her wilds. Her home.

It was a battlefield now.

Soon, the snow would shine red.


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