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90 Day Writing Challenge: Complete

Yesterday marked the 90th day of my 90 day writing challenge. It was just a personal challenge, but it began with National Novel Writing Month back in November.

I have to total it up, but I think I’ve written over 80,000 words in those three months. Honestly, I wish that total was a lot higher.

Writing every day was a fantastic push toward getting stories out of my head. It also helped me to form a habit of writing often. It’s stuck in my head now. Every day I think “I need to get some writing in.” and it’s fucking amazing. I actually feel really weird when I write tiny amounts. It’s like “Well, that wasn’t enough. Do better self!”

It blows me away to have inner thoughts that are actually pushing me to do something I enjoy. It’s weird. Usually when it comes to creative things, my brain goes “What’s the point? No one will like it anyway.” I have slightly altered that line of thinking. Instead of worrying about who may or may nor like it, I write for myself. I enjoy the stories. I love the characters. I write for me now.

So fuck yeah to that. I wrote every single day, whether it was 100 or 1000 words, for three months straight. No one asked me to do it. I felt like doing, so I did.

Go me!

(And now it’s day 91 cuz blog… Yay? Yay.)

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